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Ihome Iavs1 Bedside Stereo Speaker System For Amazon Echo Dot [Dot Sold Separately]

ihome iavs1 bedside stereo speaker system for amazon echo dot dot sold separately

iHome iAVS1 Bedside Stereo Speaker System for Amazon Echo Dot [Dot sold separately]

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Specially designed to power & connect your Amazon Echo Dot, Includes insert for Gen 1, Gen 2 & charging cable for Echo Dot
  • Stereo sound for room-filling music;Weight: 1.64 lbs,Dimensions: 6.70\" W x 2.13\" H x 6.70\" D
  • Additional USB port for charging for phones or other USB-powered devices (charging cable not included)
  • Glanceable 12/24 hour clock display and compact design to keep your nightstand clutter-free
  • Dimmer control with adjustable brightness levels

Enjoy room fi llowing sound with your Amazon echo dot through this compact bedside clock speaker. Enjoy audio directly from your Amazon echo dot via the hardwired aux-in cable. Powers Amazon echo dot via included USB cable. Operates on included 100V-240V universal AC adapter. 2 AAA backup batteries for clock included. 1 amp USB port to charge mobile devices. Gen 1 and Gen 2 docking insert included.

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Brand : iHome
Category : Electronics,Portable Audio & Video,Portable Speakers & Docks,Audio Docks
Rating : 4.1
Review Count : 885
Best Sellers Rank : #47 in MP3 Player & Cell Phone Audio Docks
SalesRank : 47

ihome iavs1 bedside stereo speaker system for amazon echo dot dot sold separately
ihome iavs1 bedside stereo speaker system for amazon echo dot dot sold separately

iHome iAVS1 Bedside Stereo Speaker System for Amazon Echo Dot [Dot sold separately]

  • Love It
  • My first impression: I was pleasantly surprised to find that it\'s actually not as big as it looks in the picture. The dot sits nicely in the space provided and doesn\'t move around much once it\'s in there (I wondered if the hole might be too big and the dot would shift around and sit off-centered, but this turned out not be an issue at all). The sound quality is good...nothing earth shattering, but way better than the dot alone and good enough that I\'m happy with it (I just wish the bass was a bit more present at lower volumes, but it does get better with the volume turned up). I don\'t understand some of the previous complaints about the lack of alarm controls...there\'s no need for an alarm in the unit itself because it\'s already included as a function in the dot -- you can easily set an alarm with Alexa by using your voice.Cons: The unit is a bit pricey for what it is (I imagine they\'d sell a lot more of these if they knocked 10 bucks or so off the current price). It could also use some sort of EQ function to allow adjustments to the sound quality (a few similar iHome products have offered this in the past, no reason why this product can\'t do the same). The clock adjustment controls are oddly placed on the bottom, but since it\'s not a commonly used function it\'s not really that big of a deal.Overall it\'s a very nice add-on for the dot and I\'m happy with it, but with just a few design tweaks this product could leap from \"good / very good\" to \"great / awesome\".
  • I really hate to give it 2 stars but it is what it is. First, it\'s the only thing of it\'s kind and I am sure that will change soon.It\'s a great idea!! However, it seems like a \"rush to market\" only to be the first, without putting the effort into making it what people will want something like this for.Pros:-I looks nice.-It appears well built.-Size is larger than I expected but fine for what it is.-It\'s a simple clock, and display intensity is easy to change. So far it keeps time just fine.-The speaker actually does sound good, better than the DOT and maybe about the same as the gen 1 Echo but without the mid/low end. It\'s much better for voice for sure but \"not bad\" for music at best.Cons:-It\'s a simple clock, set it or change it but that\'s all it does.-The display lighting is such that what\'s best for daytime is too much for nighttime, so we find changing the intensity is necessary every night/day.-Clock font is cool looking but not always easy to read quickly depending on room light or intensity, unlike any other bedside digital clock I\'ve seen.-Speaking commands to Alexa while music is playing is almost 100% useless. The up-firing speakers interfere with the DOT mic\'s, even at lower volume depending on the music. It\'s not something I\'d use as a primary music player though, but it\'s enough of an issue I can\'t find it acceptable. I didn\'t expect sound system kind of sound, but I didn\'t expect for voice commands to be on pause while playing either. I\'ve walked right up to it and nearly hollered to get it to respond at a conservative volume. From 6-8\' I couldn\'t holler loud enough.-Price. For what it does, and doesn\'t do, it\'s over-priced.So there you go. I wanted to like it, I really did. My wife even argued it would be fine, so we set the clock at the lowest brightness for daytime.....and she ended up reaching over and dimming it for night. I had to bump it 1 to be visible during the day. I tried everything out again and I keep coming back to, someone thought it as a great idea, and it is, but said \"get this thing out there and charge a lot before someone else comes out with something much better for less\". That will happen!!It\'s a great idea, made well, tossed together in a nice package but without adequate engineering or basic feature functionality that is available off of the shelve already. At $50 I can\'t just keep it and accept it is what it is. At $20, maybe, but I\'d still be looking for that new product that was actually productive. I\'ll probably get the new Echo and add a new bedside clock, or just plug back in the 30-40 yr old antique thing we\'ve been using for a clock.
  • As soon as I got my Echo Dot I thought that it would be great if it had a digital clock on the front of it. Its a great nightstand accesory but without a visible clock you have to ask Alexa what time it is, which would not go over well with a sleeping wife. I found this item with a quick Google search and realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. A nice, bright but dimmable clock for the dot with the added bonus of improving the sound. I finally got mine after it was out of stock for a little while on Amazon and I absolutely love it. It isn\'t very big, though you should measure to see if you have enough room, especially if you have a smaller nightstand.I feel that devices like this are well designed if you do not need to read a manual to figure them out, and this device was very easy to set up. You plug in the clock, attach the dot and you\'re good to go. The clock is easily set using the three buttons at the bottom. The dimmer goes from super bright to completely off. As someone who has poor eyesight, a bright clock display is very important, and the max brightness on this one is probably the brightest I\'ve seen in a bedside clock.The sound is a HUGE improvement over the dot itself. It gets loud enough to actually fill the room and has a bit of bass as wellThe price seems a bit steep for what amounts to a clock with a speaker, but it seems well made, its easy to use, and it works well. Also, it is the only option I\'ve found to add a clock to the dot. Taking all of that into consideration, it is worth the money, especially if you buy it with a Christmas gift card like I did.

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