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Bose Music Amplifier – Speaker Amp With Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity

bose music amplifier %e2%80%93 speaker amp with bluetooth wi fi connectivity

Bose Music Amplifier – Speaker amp with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

  • The soundtrack to your life — Power your passive speakers and connect the Bose Music Amplifier over Wi-Fi so you can stream all your favorites, from playlists to podcasts, easily from your phone.
  • Making connections — For an optimal sound experience, pair with Bose in-ceiling or outdoor speakers. The custom EQ delivers clear, well-balanced sound.
  • Amped-up streaming apps — Access the Bose Music app’s integrated music services and internet radio stations over Wi-Fi. Or connect to your phone with Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, or Chromecast built-in.
  • Our secret ingredient — This amp was built with Bose proprietary signal processing technology that automatically adjusts tonal balance with changes in volume. You get lifelike sound at almost all listening levels while vocals maintain clarity.
  • Sounds good, right? — For an optimal sound experience, pair the Bose Music Amplifier with passive speakers from Bose, like the Bose Virtually Invisible 791 in-ceiling speakers and the Bose 251 environmental speakers.

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Brand : Bose
Category : Electronics,Portable Audio & Video,Portable Speakers & Docks,Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Rating : 4.8
Price : US $699
Review Count : 21
SalesRank : 0

bose music amplifier %e2%80%93 speaker amp with bluetooth wi fi connectivity
bose music amplifier %e2%80%93 speaker amp with bluetooth wi fi connectivity
bose music amplifier %e2%80%93 speaker amp with bluetooth wi fi connectivity

Bose Music Amplifier – Speaker amp with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Este equipo tiene una excelente calidad del sonido la mejor marca
  • Good amp with plenty of power and clean sound in a nice compact package, but it could be much better. I purchased this to power two pairs of ceiling speakers in a kitchen and seating area. Installation was pretty easy, but connecting to the app took a few tries, amp resets, and phone resets. Frustrating, but fine, once it finally sorted itself out.I selected this over a similar Sonos amp because it can support two speaker pairs. My first disappointment is that you cannot independently control the two different speaker pairs. I would at least like to be able to turn one or the other off, but independent volume control would be nice, and really, how hard could that have been? Second disappointment is that you have to manually select an input source. I use the ceiling speakers for music or TV, and it would be great if the amp could autosense signal and select the active input. It\'s easy to select source through the app, but since this is in a kitchen and it isn\'t always to dig out a phone when hands are covered in flour, I really would have like to have the ability to use voice commands to be able to select an input source (thorough Alexa or whatever). Seems like that would be an easy future software upgrade, so fingers crossed. Voice commands work for on/off, volume, etc., though Alexa doesn\'t always hear very well over the music. Speaking of Alexa, it\'s surprising it isn\'t built in. You have to connect to an Alexa device. I had one, so no big deal, but any voice commands have to specify the amp i.e. \"Alexa lower the volume down on kitchen\" instead of just being able to say \"Alexa lower\". I\'ll get used to it, I\'m sure.Another minor disappointment: this unit is nice and small and communicates with the app through WiFi and with other devices through Bluetooth, so it would tuck away nicely in a cabinet, but the manual says not to do that due to ventilation requirements. I\'m tempted to drill a few vent holes and try it anyway.Finally, I wanted to add a sub woofer somewhere because ceiling speakers have notoriously deficient bass. You can only use a Bose Bass subwoofer, which is a little expensive, but worse than that; you can\'t pair them wirelessly with this amp the way you can with a Bose sound bar. The only option is a 3.5mm aux cable. I thought I could use 3rd party wireless aux transmitter/receiver, but that didn\'t work at all. I\'m not sure what Bose sends through that cable, but it must not be a standard aux signal. Given that this is a new product from Bose, and an expensive one at that, it is really disappointing that it doesn\'t support wireless subwoofer pairing like their soundbars do. You pay for that capability with the purchase of one of their subs, but you can\'t use it with their own premium amp.On balance, I\'m keeping it because the sound is good and there aren\'t many amps that can do everything I\'m trying to do. This one is close, and with a few updates, could be a lot closer. Hoping some of those are just software and might be available in the future. If so, I might come back and add a star or two.
  • Very good streaming amp
  • Es amplificador con un sonido de calidad que llena cualquier espacio. Muy fácil de instalar.
  • ¡Encantada!
  • Es lo más impresionante e
  • Fácil de instalar y buena calidad de sonido
  • Great

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