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Naim - Mu-So 2nd Generation , Wireless Music System (Single - Set Of One)

naim mu so 2nd generation wireless music system single set of one

Naim - Mu-So 2nd Generation , Wireless Music System (single - set of one)

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  • Naim Audio - Mu-So Reference Wireless Music System 2nd Generation - Open Box

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Brand : Naim Audio
Category : Electronics,Portable Audio & Video,Portable Speakers & Docks,Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Rating : 4.3
Price : US $1799
Review Count : 25
SalesRank : 0

Naim - Mu-So 2nd Generation , Wireless Music System (single - set of one)

  • I bought Muso 2G and and one Qb and have had them for two weeks. They are positioned in a kitchen and adjoining living room. We listen to country, rock, and pop through Tidal. The speakers are a nice quality and they match our modern leaning furniture. They sound full and clear with newer recordings at any volume. They get pretty muddy with pop that has a lot of bass, but that could be that they are rather close to the wall. Given that they are part of an all-in-one system I would imagine that would almost always be the case. I’ve played with the adjustments you can make within the app in regards to placement, I didn’t find that it made much difference in regards to the bass. I’m not unhappy with the purchase but I definitely think there are some things to be aware of before buying. The pairing is very flaky between the two speakers it will work fine for a few days then one speaker will start dropping out. I’m running full wireless mesh network and have one 1gb FIOS. The speaker are about 15 feet apart so I’m thinking they are connected to the same access point. If I power them down for a while and bring them back up it seems to correct the issue. The other issue is not with the speakers but Tidal, just putting this here for other Tidal users. You can’t build a Chromecast group that Tidal will connect to. My original intent was to build a whole house group with the speakers and my two Chromecast capable receivers, no joy there with Tidal. My other word of caution is that Niam app which is the only way to link them together doesn’t currently pass through Tidal generated mixes. My buddy has a Sonos system which I’ve heard plenty of times, not sure with the current limitations and pairing issues that these speaker are worth three times more than his Play5 and Play1.
  • I didn\'t quite know what to expect but bought this rather than the Samsung Q80s matching sound bar. And am I glad I did! Sound quality is amazing on TV and Music and range of internet radio options and streaming solutions is incredible.The only (very minor) glitch - if not switched to HDMI in the App, the HDMI Arc signal will drop out. But switched in the App and it locks on rock steady.Highly recommended.
  • best audio quality. connectivity and SW can be improved.
  • Just excellent
  • Great sound and ease of use. Set up has a few hiccups but overcame with my limited computer abilities.
  • Great sound—if works, although the much less expensive Klipsch 3 sounds nearly as good. Have owned the Mu so for nearly one year, and have struggled with inconsistent connections. Recently upgraded router and now it will not connect at all. Considering just moving it out.
  • Incredible sound, incredible quality, no degradation at high volumes.

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