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Ciro Cybercharger™ Phone Holder With 15w Wireless Fast Charger

ciro cybercharger%e2%84%a2 phone holder with 15w wireless fast charger

Ciro CYBERCHARGER™ Phone Holder with 15W Wireless Fast Charger

  • Supports up to 15W wireless charging
  • Fast charge capable
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Simple wire harness included, connects directly to any 12v battery with included in-line fuse

Buy Now : Ciro CYBERCHARGER™ Phone Holder with 15W Wireless Fast Charger

Brand : CIRO
Category : Cell Phones & Accessories,Accessories,Chargers & Power Adapters,Charging Stations
Rating : 4.7
ListPrice : US $129.99
Price : US $108.99
Review Count : 49
SalesRank : 0

Ciro CYBERCHARGER™ Phone Holder with 15W Wireless Fast Charger

  • Great phone charger, no more cords . Just slide phone in and it charges wireless. All weather design so no worries
  • This is hands down the best way to charge your phone wirelessly while riding. I installed on my 2018 Road Glide Ultra and this has been a huge help. First of all I have had issues with using the lighting cords on other phone holders and making it where you have to wiggle the charger to make it charge. The bike and road vibration have been a problem. This solves that! Second of all it stays live and able to charge while the bike is just sitting there. No need to find electricity when out camping off the bike etc... Another problem solved! Thirdly this thing charges really fast!
  • I purchased this for my Indian with perch mount in June 2012. It has quit charging I’ve tested fuse moved it in several locations and tested power through the harness. My bike is garage kept and only in rain if caught in it. Trying to contact seller about a replacement. Not happy with it. I have another bike with ciro cup phone holder. I trusted this. Brand to be dependable
  • I mounted it on a left side perch mount and ran the wire through the handlebars. It took a little work to route the wiring through the fairing to the battery. Because there is a parasitic draw even with the bike not running I wired it into a keyed circuit in the fuse box. Now there is no power to the charger when the ignition key is off.
  • It was a pretty easy install on my goldwing but it charges for 5 seconds and cuts out. Mind you it’s only been on my bike about a week.
  • Best charging holde bought one for both of my bikes extremely pleased
  • Works great

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