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Audioquest Coffee Usb A-B Cable Black 1.5 M Usb A Usb B Usb Cable – Usb Cable (1.5 M, Usb A, Usb B,

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AudioQuest Coffee USB A-B Cable Black 1.5 M USB A USB B USB Cable – USB Cable (1.5 m, USB A, USB B, Male/Male, Black, Silver)

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  • AudioQuest 1.5 m Coffee USB A-B. Cable Length: 1.5 m
  • Connector 1: USB A
  • Connector 2: USB B

Buy Now : AudioQuest Coffee USB A-B Cable Black 1.5 M USB A USB B USB Cable – USB Cable (1.5 m, USB A, USB B, Male/Male, Black, Silver)

Brand : AudioQuest
Category : Electronics,Computers & Accessories,Computer Accessories & Peripherals,Cables & Accessories,Cables & Interconnects,USB Cables
Rating : 4.6
ListPrice : US $479.95
Price : US $297.95
Review Count : 17
SalesRank : 0

AudioQuest Coffee USB A-B Cable Black 1.5 M USB A USB B USB Cable – USB Cable (1.5 m, USB A, USB B, Male/Male, Black, Silver)

  • To the guy that wrote the one star review, you obviously have not used this cable. Based on your other sarcastic reviews of cables it\'s clear that you are not a credible source of opinion on cables used in high end audio applications.I have been an audiophile for over 30 years and have built a system that is very transparent and revealing of small changes. I have wasted money over the years on things that don\'t improve sound and remain skeptical about the return on investment most speaker and line level cables offer once the price gets high.So, about this cable. I have a Benchmark DAC 3 and was feeding it from a MacBook using Audirvana and the USB cable that came with the dac. On an impulse I purchased an 1.5 meter Audioquest Carbon USB cable thinking I would try it and return it if I didn\'t hear a difference. The seller instead sent me a .5 meter Cinnamon cable. I promptly initiated a return but decided to try the cable over the weekend before sending it back on Monday morning. The Cinnamon cable was an improvement over the stock cable and not by a small amount. It was eye opening that a USB cable carrying a digital signal could make such a difference. I returned it anyway because I needed a longer cable.After contemplating the improvement the affordable Cinnamon cable made I decided to spend a bit more and try the Coffee version just to see if it was better. I was not expecting much and anticipated another return and purchase of a one meter Cinnamon.The Coffee USB cable was transformative. Every audio reviewer\'s cliche presented itself to me. I honestly hear details in recording I\'ve listened to for decades that I have never heard before. The spatial information and soundstage is much improved. These things are not placebo imaginations. As great as the improved detail and soundstage depth/width is, the real amazing thing to me is the smoothness and liquidity I\'m hearing now. It\'s hard to explain but the music sounds more fluid and natural now, more like a great analogue system than digital.The step up from the stock USB cable to this Coffee cable was not like any other cable upgrade I\'ve tried. New speaker cables and interconnects I\'ve tried over the years have offered incremental improvements or no improvement at all. This cable offered an improvement I\'ve only experienced by significantly upgrading my components or speakers. It\'s that good and now has me worried I may try the Diamond cable at three times the price.One caveat. My audio system has been carefully built over the course of thirty years, many mistakes and upgrades, and thousands of dollars. As high end audio goes it\'s a modest system-Vandersteen 3A Signature speakers, Pass Labs amplification, VPI turntable, Benchmark DAC3, and an assortment of mid-budget cabling and power conditioning. If you have a consumer-grade stereo system or typical home theater system you may not appreciate or notice the improvement this cable made in my system.
  • Been an audiophile for over 40 years. I have a highly revealing transparent system. All Benchmark Electronics, ATC Monitors and REL Sub. Fed by my MacBook running Pure Music with iTunes as the Library. The Carbon USB has been an excellent cable and my system sounded wonderful but I decided after reading reviews to upgrade to the Coffee USB Cable. WOW!! A significant and not subtle upgrade. Greater transparency, better imaging and soundstage. Instrument separation improved. Most importantly every instrument sounds natural and beautifully rendered. Especially strings and brass. Bass more tight. Definitely worth the money. It’s like getting a new Amp or Speakers. Love it. I also have a studio where I write and record orchestral instrumental works. I never use compression so my recordings are very dynamic. I just spent hours listening to my tracks with this new Cable and they were fantastic. Never heard them this clearly even in my studio. If you have a revealing quality system you will not regret buying this cable. I know there are skeptics that don’t believe a USB cable can make a difference. I was one a few years ago. But it does and significantly. But you need a transparent system with low distortion and even response to realize the benefit. A highly transparent cable is not going to improve an average system. Anyway I’m very glad I upgraded
  • I demoed a lot of USB cables with my Classe-CP800 preamp/DAC and I found this to have the best tonality, naturalness, and overall soundstage in my system. I tried the top cables from Wireworld, Transparent, Cardas, Kimber, JPS Labs and WyWyres. The Transparent was close but was not quite as refined.I recommend demoing USB cables in your system before buying. On a more expensive USB DAC they definitely sound different.

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