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Lg Tone Pro Hbs-770 Wireless Stereo Headset - White

lg tone pro hbs 770 wireless stereo headset white

LG Tone Pro HBS-770 Wireless Stereo Headset - White

  • Ultra-Fine Wires - Low-profile wires uses quality Kevlar fiber and accentuate the slim design.
  • Contoured for Comfort Design - Lightweight around-the-neck wearing style achieves true comfort.
  • Quad-Layer Speaker Technology - Balanced audio and less distortion.
  • Dual MEMS Microphones - Maintain exceptionally clear voice calls.
  • Tone & Talk 2.0 - SMS reading with added Voice Memo and Find Me features, allowing you to use your TONE PRO to record voice memos or find your paired device.

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Brand : LG
Category : Electronics,Headphones, Earbuds & Accessories,Headphones & Earbuds
Rating : 4.2
Price : US $104.92
Review Count : 202
SalesRank : 0

lg tone pro hbs 770 wireless stereo headset white
lg tone pro hbs 770 wireless stereo headset white

LG Tone Pro HBS-770 Wireless Stereo Headset - White

  • I know my review is a little late, but I think that makes this review a more valuable testimony. I bought this on October 14, 2017. It is still working perfectly (it\'s July 2, 2022, that I\'m writing this review)! I have three LG headsets, and this one has the most comfortable earbuds because it plugs in so snugly into my ear, actually functioning as ear plugs and reducing the noise from the 4th of July fireworks. The other two don\'t fit as well as this one because there are gaps that allow fireworks sound to seep in. I want to buy another HBS-770, but being five years now from the time of my original purchase, all the HBS-770s being sold at Amazon are either renewed or not brand new. I\'m afraid to buy a different model because their earbuds might not fit as well. And yes, my other two LG headsets are still working, and they\'re older than this one, too!
  • I use these every day for work as a petroleum service technician. I work outside in all sorts of weather including direct sun and rain. Have not had the first issue. I have had them on as long as 22 hours straight and they have never died. This is my second set. The first set lasted over four years. They actually still work, just the right ear piece connection got to where it was in and out sometimes (this is the dominant earpiece I use during calls) and I never had the first issue with battery life. The sound quality during calls is superb, and the music quality is acceptable. They definitely aren\'t my Bose headphones when it comes to music, but work awesome for what I do with them. If you are looking for a tough headset that is great for calls and is acceptable for music, this is for you. If you want Bose style fidelity for music, well, buy the Bose.
  • you would think that with dual memes mics it would pick up better , but still both mics in one pinhole in stead of one left mic and one right mic , ( duh) , also weak voiced people aren\'t heard any better than single mics , BUUUUUUT audio sound is louder that tone pro\'s hbs 810 jbl , 810\'s are better quality sound but less volume better quality , 770\'s are almost some quality on mids , good highs better loud bass and higher volume overall , in short , if your an audiophile the 810s sound better through an App like Poweramp (thumbs up) ( from play store) , with EQ , just lower total volume. , if you EQ out the mids some and like volume and bass , 770\'s ALL DAY
  • This is my best BT headphone yet. I had two LG 730s before. Love the 730\'s design and battery life but the sound quality was somewhat lacking. I also have a Sony AS800BT that looks like sticking two wine corks in your ears. Sound is better but not great, and the control is absolutely awful. After the charging port of the second 730 fell apart, I decided to try the 770. I was tempted to buy one of the more expensive LG models but was deterred by the many negative comments such as poor noise cancellation. The 770 at about $50 was a much safer bet. I am very pleased with the sound quality of this headphone. It beats the Sony that costed me almost twice as much. One common problem for BT headphone is the lack of volume. There is no such problem with the 770. The bass is quite strong on this. The earbud parts are substantially heavier than the 730 which hopefully house stronger magnets.
  • Nice upgrade from my HBS700. Originally order a HBS800 from Amazon, but it turned out to be a knockoff and not a real LG product. This is also from Amazon and it turned out to be a real LG product. It was night and day in terms of performance when you have a genuine product vs. a fake. I was annoyed at the LG for making such a poor product when I got the HBS800, but then figured out it was not a genuine LG product. Once I was able to confirm HBS770 was genuine my faith in LG was restored.These HBS devices are great for the office as well as working out. I use it to link to the BT on my laptop as well as my phone.
  • I tend to wear v neck black t shirts almost exclusively and these just call so much attention to themselves. They hold charge for a decent amount of time (can\'t say for sure, haven\'t kept track, :( sorry) but I tend to charge them every couple days and use them for hours every day. They charge quickly. My favorite feature is this little voice that tells me \"power on, battery medium (or high or low), connected\" whenever I turn them on. They also show up in the top bar of my iphone with a little battery icon showing me the amount of the charge just like my phone does for itself.
  • Love the headset. Very convenient, easy to use and it\'s very light. For some reason, it slides to one side a bit on my neck when I wear it. But it does not bother me. 4 starts because they may work a little more on figuring out how to hold the wires, so they don\'t tangle up, which they do. And because the Bluetooth radius is minimal. It works great when the phone is right by me, but not farther. Maybe about 20-30 feet. If that. Should be better.
  • I had an older model that I absolutely loved and put them through a lot of dirt, sweat and stress and even some rain on my motorcycle and they held up great and the battery life was amazing. I still have them for a backup pair at work. After over 2 years one of the earphones stopped working on the original set so I ordered this pair. So far they are just as good as my original pair. The only difference is the magnets to hold them in place when not being used don\'t seem to be quite as strong as the one\'s in my HBS-730 pair.

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