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Sony Nwws623/B Waterproof And Dustproof Walkman With Bluetooth,Black

sony nwws623b waterproof and dustproof walkman with bluetoothblack

Sony NWWS623/B Waterproof and Dustproof Walkman with Bluetooth,Black

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Waterproof (Fresh or Salt water) for worry-free use. Salt waterproof to a depth of 2 metres, the NW-WS620 can be submerged for up to 30 minutes making it perfect for swimming and water sports.
  • Works in temperatures from 23°f to 113°f
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch
  • Ambient sound mode
  • 3-Minute quick charge for 60 minutes of playback
  • Remote control and Bluetooth connectivity cannot function underwater

Made for the outdoors, the nw-ws620 sports Walkman is tough and durable. Perfect for all terrains, it's salt waterproof and dustproof, as well as slim and comfy to wear. With Bluetooth and NFC technology for wireless streaming, up to 16 GB storage for playlists, quick charge battery, and Bluetooth remote control, it's the ultimate sports companion.

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Brand : Sony
Category : Electronics,Portable Audio & Video,Portable Speakers & Docks,Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Rating : 3.9
ListPrice : US $148
Price : US $148
Review Count : 310
Best Sellers Rank : #27,108 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #874 in Portable Bluetooth Speakers
SalesRank : 27108

sony nwws623b waterproof and dustproof walkman with bluetoothblack
sony nwws623b waterproof and dustproof walkman with bluetoothblack
sony nwws623b waterproof and dustproof walkman with bluetoothblack
sony nwws623b waterproof and dustproof walkman with bluetoothblack

Sony NWWS623/B Waterproof and Dustproof Walkman with Bluetooth,Black

  • They work exactly as expected and the sound quality is surprisingly good given the environment (swimming).I purchased these purely for swimming. I thought the bluetooth would be useful for walking to and from the pool but now I\'ve disabled it since while swimming it connects and disconnects when I get closer or further from my phone - quite obnoxious.Do not wear these in open water swims unless you are sure they are safely attached. They will fall off with vigorous activity. I\'ve slowly learned a few things about their attachment/positioning. First I wore a swim-cap to help hold the unit in my ears, but that was a headache - literally. Then after a few times of them falling off in the pool on a flip-turn push-off or a sprint I started putting the swim goggle strap over the headphone strap at the top of my ears. This seems to work very well. I also have noticed that if the earpiece is the optimum size for my ear it almost suction fits into your ear canal, and that also helps keep them on as well.I agree that the form of the ear-piece is not the most comfortable, but they do not hurt for an hour swim.When I first turn them on, using the waterproof/sealed ear pieces, the sound is excellent with surprisingly good bass. However, after a few times of submerging a few feet while doing a flip-turn they become noticeably less full throated. The sound quality is still good, just not excellent. I\'m not exactly sure why but I suspect the air pressure inside my ears has something to do with it. I am sure there is no water in either the headphones or in my ear.What I don\'t like:Playlists? What are those? The method of getting mp3 files onto the device is slightly arcane and not particularly convenient. Over the years I had built up some swim playlists on iTunes, then modernized to using a streaming service on Spotify. Besides the fact that you don\'t have an mp3 file to load from a Spotify playlist even exporting one from iTunes is a two step process, and you better hope that the file is not in some protected aac format. I have an extensive library of older music in file form, so it\'s workable but no new music from Spotify are available unless I buy them. Then I just play one set of specific files on the unit through folders. There is some folder navigational control on the device. If you put your playlist files into a single folder then you can navigate to different folders/playlists with a double click on the previous or next button. Your play choices are: Normal play, repeat play, shuffle play, shuffle all. And a pleasant female voice often confirms what mode you\'ve just selected.So besides the tedious playlist transfer I find this water resistant player very nice. So far so good.
  • I was intrigued when I first saw this model - 4GB internal memory for loading songs, but also bluetooth connectivity to connect to my iPhone. Waterproof and dustproof too, huh...intriguing. For me to be intrigued by a Sony takes quite a bit - I\'m a huge fan of the Bose sound, but I figured the versatility + utility might be worth me purchasing my first Sony product since 2006.I was pleasantly surprised! My first impression was OMG ALL THE BUTTONS. But, as someone else suggested, just give the quick start guide a read before first operation - all basic functions are pretty intuitive and it took me less an 5 minutes to get the hang of them.Now, sound quality...again, I was pleasantly surprised - very good sound for the price! Definitely not Bose, a little lacking in bass but the overall sound was great, very happy - I can always adjust my EQ if I want a little more bottom to round things out.Lastly, they\'re waterproof - I decided to try these out re-mulching my lawn in 98 degree Texas heat. Within an hour sweat was dripping down my face pretty steadly - not once did these guys move from my ears. While I wasn\'t immersed in water, it sure felt like it, and my airpods would not have stayed in my ears.Also, I loved the short cord in back - no more catching on my long hair/braid. The design fits well with how I need these to work with my lifestyle. I can see how these would be great for cycling/running, and the ability to switch mode between bluetooth and walkman will come in handy during longer runs/events.The only downside was long-term comfort. These are made for swimming, so I would assume the fit into the ear should be pretty tight. The ear buds definitely felt suctioned into my ear canals after two hours in the heat (no, I was not wearing the swimming buds, the normal ones). I had to change out to the small tips eventually to release that \"suction\" feeling, which caused my left ear to ache until I liberated the earbud.I can definitely see me getting a lot of use out of these. Compared to Bose, JBL, etc., these are definitely great quality for the price, extremely happy overall.
  • I\'ve had these a few years now. I swim a few kilometers in a chlorinated pool over 60-90 minutes and they last longer than I do. The sound quality is excellent, better than AirPods or my Bose headphones, but not as good as Klipsch. The volume could be louder with the waterproof eartips on but, like others have said, it is probably a good thing for my sake that it isn\'t louder. I frequently listen on the highest volume while swimming. The bass absolutely SLAPS underwater. Bluetooth will NOT work reliably while swimming, the smallest amount of water will block the signal. You will need to load music onto it. This is because water is particularly good at absorbing 2.45 GHz (which is why microwaves use it). Outside the water, the bluetooth range is excellent. 4 GB is a bit small in 2021 (when I bought it, also in 2023) but it is plenty to load enough music or podcasts on there for a few weeks of working out without repeating content. Now that I bring it up, podcasts are probably the only thing I wish it were louder for.
  • I love this product!! I have owned many Sony Walkmans in my life time, from the original cassette driven devices to these amazing streamlined water proof head sets! Fantastic features, connects to my Mac computer, drag and drop music. Bluetooth mode for connecting to my iPhone and my Yahama receiver at home, what a bonus this is!! Noise cancelation, many water proof earbuds in various sizes!! Finally this is my second pair, I surf kayak so I should have used the little headset stabilizer rubber band thingy that I never saw in the box last time lol!! I highly recommend using it, this new pair stay glued on now under heavy surf conditions! Very happy to have another pair, they have been very hard to find!! 4GB Capacity as well, endless feedback on this one folks!!

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