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Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro 64gb Black For Verizon (Renewed)

samsung galaxy xcover pro 64gb black for verizon renewed

SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover Pro 64GB Black for Verizon (Renewed)

  • Workflow never stops: Do more with a single device. Capture worksite comments, view pictures in high resolution and access key line of business applications– all while keeping your gloves on. With enhanced touchand glove touch capability, Galaxy XCoverPro will react to you and your conditions, and not the other way around.
  • Power for Hours: Your work does not stop – and neither does the Galaxy XCover Pro with a replaceable long lasting/ fast charging battery which keeps your day going without interruption. Create, edit and collaborate all day. And if the job is still not done, you can now simply and quickly remove and replace your battery to keep on going.
  • Communication is Seamless: Galaxy XCover Pro features two programmable buttons to support functionalities such as push-to-talk, scanning and other frequently used line of business applications.
  • Edge to Edge screen: No need to worry about where your job takes you or how you’ll protect your device, the Galaxy XCoverPro is rugged yet elegantly designed. It boasts a 6.3\" edge-to-edge display featuring CorningGorilla Glass 5.

Buy Now : SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover Pro 64GB Black for Verizon (Renewed)

Brand : Amazon Renewed
Category : Cell Phones & Accessories,Accessories,Single Ear Bluetooth Headsets
Rating : 3.4
ListPrice : US $99.99
Price : US $88.24
Review Count : 62
SalesRank : 0

samsung galaxy xcover pro 64gb black for verizon renewed
samsung galaxy xcover pro 64gb black for verizon renewed
samsung galaxy xcover pro 64gb black for verizon renewed
samsung galaxy xcover pro 64gb black for verizon renewed

SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover Pro 64GB Black for Verizon (Renewed)

  • The best feature of this phone is that it has a removeable battery. One is not stuck on either a) getting a new phone when the battery dies, or b) figuring out if they can replace the FRU battery themselves. Usually a) is the path taken.With this phone you can keep it and just buy a replacement battery.The only thing I don\'t like is that it\'s not that easy to switch the phone on and off.
  • It was delivered three days from order...came in a \"weak\" box internally to an enclosed Am box.--well protected. However, the unit did not come with all included Components as described: Screen Protector Leaflet; Smart Switch Insert; (especially the) Quick Reference Manual; and Terms & Conditions/ Health & Safety Guide--nor a sim card, which one has to purchase separately ($5 to $50--my sim card from Galaxy 3 did not fit in order to activate this phone: nano? micro??).Be aware that the seller covered the manuf phone label with his own stickie label, which manuf label includes texts and numbers, such as 2 IMEI numbers that remained hidden from view. I had to very slowly peel off his label to view the IMEI number underneath, critical to determining if the phone was indeed compatible with AT&T (NB--this phone IS on AT&T\'s list of current 2021 compatible phones--however, it is sold as Verizon/AT&T compatible--I have AT&T service--AT&T says on its website this phone is \"not available\"--I\'d like to be sure with phone in hand).I took up these issues with Amazon chat, and \"David\" was superior in his responses: returning this one, is sending me a new phone with complete guides, and pointed me in a direction for compatible sim cards (with a promo discount!).In sum, the seller was great with quick response and like-new condition phone (no scratches nor smudges, internal compartments whisper clean); but I did not trust him covering up manuf label, and lack of stated \"included components as described. I did not rate fingerprint reader, battery life (was 90% charged when rec\'d, although batt life went down to about 80% after 10 mins of trying to figure out this phone without manual) and tech support
  • This is the single best Android phone on the market to carry around the world, Especially for the price. My second phone was $249 new in the box. It has swappable Batteries !!! No more dead phone in Barcelona.You can get them unlocked - will take any other phone company\'s chips, ATT, Sprint/T-mobile, Verizon, and a host of different services in India and Europe.Note ALL verizon service phones come unlocked, new from the factory.EXAMPLE: We got a \"unit one\" phone chip in Sri Lanka, that turns the phone into a local one with a local phone number, with unlimited calls and unlimited text for $6 and $12 a month (U.S. dollars) you can get them at the airport. Took 10 seconds to insert chip in extra slot, and one minute to call in to activate the service.Since ONLY the U.S.A. charges for incoming text, the rest of the world does not, we used it to receive text from US mainland - for free (and with the unlimited text locally).The Xcover can take TWO sim chips for two different telephone numbers or chips for two different countries, or two different phone services. It is easy to switch back and for on the phone itself, Samsung is made for this. And it Still has a 3rd slot for a memory chip as well. Slots are next to the removable battery inside the case, cannot easily be lost, stolen or damaged by water or dirt as Apples and other models that keep the memory card on the outside slot in the cases.Extremely tough case, and uses the famous Gorilla Glass. God I love that glass. Have never used a glass protector. Does not need another tough case around it, the slightly raised edge bezel protects the screen on the sides as well, this also help strengthen the case and glass against bend if you forgot it in your back pocket when sitting. I have purposely dropped this on concrete from 3 feet up, on the corner, back and front, with ZERO damage. I have dropped it in my toilet, and flushed it (not down the drain of course) and dropped it into the shallow kiddie sections of a swimming pool. Even with a seal on the back for removing the backplate for extra batter swaps, the seal works perfectly, NO Water damage.It has TWO external programmable side/top buttons, as well as the power button and volume rocker. Loud speaker phone, but not as scratch and annoying as those terrible Apple phones.I use one button for the flash light instant on, and one for screen captures.I also connect my phone to my television and use an external mouse and keyboar with it. Very simple to do. An HDMI-USBc dongle will transfer the sound to the TV as well, and still use the phone microphone.This model still has the old fashioned round jack on the side for headphones !!!! Apple finally had to put their back on again. and of course bluetooth for mouse and earbuds.The camera front and rear is excellent, no issues filming and photo\'ing the Kilauea Volcano lava flow day or night, last week on Big Island Hawaii. Can zoom and rotate in video mode as well. Flash is BRIGHT.Dont\' buy any phone for more that $500, period. Especially if it does not have swappable batteries.The Xcover back can pop off easily for removal and replacement of battery. No tools, just use your thumbnail on the indent. Ridiculously easy to do and very well thought out. The Phone does not lose any information or settings when this is done and does not have to be plugged in while doing it and does not need the cloud or forced back up before doing.The NEAR FIELD Comm service (just tap phones for credit cards, or to each other etc.) is a SERIOUS security risk. Especially over seas.So the Galaxy Xcover put the antenna for it, ON THE BATTERY. This means you can use a battery that does not have it, or use it with one that does. You can still turn the service of, more or less inside the phone software settings.I NEVER have a phone down for charging any where in the world. I just switch batteries, you can get them for $20. Takes 20 seconds to swap the battery.YOU DO NOT HAVE to get a new phone when the battery dies, like Apples and others.
  • This device was listed Excellent Condition and Unlocked - and maybe in the truest sense it is unlocked, but it was sure full of AT&T BS when it booted up on my Verizon SIM Card. Which brings me to the statement \"Product will come with a SIM removal tool\" - Well, not so much - not one to be found\". Further the description said \"Included Components: Screen Protector Leaflet, Smart Switch Insert, Quick Reference Manual, Terms & Conditions/ Health & Safety Guide\" - none of which came with the purchase. The screen has a couple of small scratches and an abraded area from use or wear... The glass dust/water cover over the camera is clearly cracked - This Phone was simply not in Excellent Condition. I leave it to your discretion to judge the trustworthiness of this vendor...

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